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xi'an liangli lacquer for tiles science and technology development co.ltd
1Air spray, airless spray and brush spray which are applied to both of our water-based products and oily products have been adopted in our construction plan.
2When the air spray is adopted, the air compressor should be set up within 6-8 kg. Then clean the spray gun with clean water to make sure that there’s no oil stain or other impurities in the spray gun. It can be used for spraying after it gets dry. Do not clean the waterborne lacquer of the spray gun with the oily lacquer cleaner.
3The waterborne lacquer requires a better atomization effect, it means that the pressure of the air compressor should be greater and the amount of the paint should be less.
4The waterborne lacquer can not be used until it is stirred evenly. Do not put any substance in it.
5Water color paint can not be sprayed on the wet tiles blank. Do not spray on rainy day, in high humidity, or the shower tiles, otherwise it will get fade, peel and color separation. In the showered, rainy and humid environment, the Paint film peels much easier, so the users must pay attention. When the tiles whose protecting period is less than 28 days requires spray after its Paint film sheds, please inform us and we will offer you the special color lacquer.
6The tiles blank can be overlapped and stacked, but you should handle with care to avoid abrasion. Water and protect the tiles in 3-7 days. (It can be longer in winter).
7About the wet spray paint, you should control the jet and the angle of the spray nozzle. The water content of the concrete should be adjusted to the greatest. It is better to have no water stain on the surface of the tiles. If there was, it can be dried by wind
8Shed Paint film and spray for 72 hours, make sure that there’s no water stain and other impurities exists. The surface should be dry, and at the same time no construction should be in high temperature circumstance.
Products Application Notes:
1When the temperature of the water color paint is below 5℃, there should be no construction.
2The water color paint is a specific one which is forbidden to mix with other oily and water paint, otherwise their properties will be influenced.
3After the barrel is open, the water color paint should be stirred evenly before use, or the color separation will be arise; Do not add water or other compositions in it, or it will fade and peel seriously.
4Outdoor construction can not be carried out on over cast, snowy and fog days, otherwise the paint film color will be in a blur. The wet tile which does not reach its protection period (from the moment when the tiles blank formed to the mould release), and which has a showered protection of less than 28 days after the mould release, as well as the dry tiles which have been showered before, can not be sprayed at once. An air dry treatment should be done for 2-3 days, otherwise it will affect the adhesion and distribution of color. And fading and peeling will also arise.
5If there’s any polluting substance such as oil stain or floating dust on the surface of the tiles blank, they should not be prayed until the polluting substances are moved away, otherwise it will affect the adhesion and the flatness degree of the tile body.
6If the protecting period of tile body does not reach (generally 3-7 days) after spray. Do not soak it in water or soak and shower it in other acid &soda materials.
7The lacquer for tiles of the solvent type is free from the restriction of the 1st item in principle, and the other 5 items should also be verified for use at the proper time.
8Water inside the air compressor tank should be purged in time which avoids moisture when spraying. Moisture will cause blur, fade, peel and bubbling.
9Do not use the waste buckets which contain residuary paint of other manufactures to carry our products and do not mix the paint.
10Lacquer paint films should not be too thick while spraying or the quantity of the paint will be increased firstly. Secondly, it will cause bad conditions such as crack and so on. The thickness of the dry lacquer film of 25-28 ums is better.
Common problems and solutions of water paint:
1. 涂层表面缩孔
原因: A.喷枪、涂刷或其他工具有油污; 解决措施: A.用洁净水清洗工具;
       B.坯瓦表面有油污;                        B.清理瓦坯表面;  
       C. 空气压缩机排污不净。                   C.空气压缩机重新排污。
1. Surface Shrinkage of Paint Film
Reasons:  A. There’s oil stain on the air gun, brushes or other tools.
                  B. There’s oil stain on the surface of tiles blank.
           C. Ineffectively removal of air compressor
Solutions: A. Clean tools with clean water
            B.Tidy up the surface of the tiles blank.
           C. Renewdly remove stains by the compressor
原因:A.涂膜喷涂(刷涂)太厚;        解决措施: A.涂膜喷涂(刷涂)以盖底为准,不宜太厚;
      B.瓦坯水分含量偏高。                      B.瓦坯晾干以后再施工。
2. Paint Film appears to flow sag
Reasons:  A. Paint film is sprayed (brush painted ) too thick.
          B. Water content of the tiles blank is a bit higher.
Solutions: A. The thickness of the sprayed (brush painted) paint film should not be too thick which is according to the bottom.
         B. Do construction when the tiles are dry.
3. 涂层表面浮色发花
原因:A.瓦坯水分含量偏高;            解决措施:A.瓦坯晾干以后再施工;
B. 施工环境温度偏高;                      B.换个环境重新施工;                                  
      C. 涂料未搅拌均匀。                        C.用前搅拌均匀。
3. The surface of paint film blurs
Reasons: A. The water content of the tiles blank is a bit higher
B. The temperature of construction circumstance is a higher
C. The Paint film is not well stirred.
Solutions: A. Do construction when the tiles are dry.
         B. Change circumstance and re-construct
         C Stir evenly before using the paint.
4. 涂膜遇水起泡、变色  
原因: 涂层养护期不足。               解决措施:延长养护期。
4. Bubbles emerged and color changed when the paint paint film meets water.
Reason: Protection period is not enough.
Solution: Postpone the protection period.
原因:A. 瓦体养护不足;               解决措施:A. 达到瓦体养护28天;
      B. 瓦体表面太湿;                          B. 晾干后再施工;
      C.瓦体内层水分太重。                       C. 晾干后达到28天再施工。
5. The surface of the paint film peels and fades
Reasons: A. The maintenance of the tiles body is not enough.
          B. The surface of tiles body is too wet.
          C. The water content of interior layer of tiles is too high
A. Reach the tiles protecting period of 28 days .
           B. Do construction when it is dry.
           C. Do Construction when it is dry after 28 days.
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